New York City walking tours are a unique site-­seeing walking tour of the Big Apple. New York Talks & Walks are led by Dr. Philip E. Schoenberg.

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We know ghosts and the ghosts know us! We are NYC's oldest ghost walking tour company. We offer the greatest variety of ghost walks throughout the year outdoors and indoors in the world! Fourteen and the list keeps on increasing.

"We don't just go by, we go inside."

Ghosts of NY is part of Ghost Walks USA.

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New York is Haunted
Get the New York ghost experience with our licensed guides.

Visit America's most haunted city, the Big Apple looking for the New York of myth, movies and books. Let us see if we can scare you with stories of ghosts, antique sites, ghostly sightings, scandalous tales, haunted places, mysterious sightings of apparitions, strange and unusual tales of centuries past, legendary stories, folk lore and ghostly experiences stranger than reality, and supernatural intrigues of Manhattan. Listen to accounts of our guides and participants on tours have had on our saunters. Our tales and legends are blended with bits of human interest and historical fact also making them educational for all ages

Haunted and mysterious New York dedicates itself to exploring paranormal phenomena, occult manifestations, and ghostly happenings. We want to give you an experience that has no equal. We want to challenge your mental facilities and powers of observation. If you dare, participate in our trek into the unknown, share your ghostly experiences with others, and ask yourself: Do you believe what you see, hear, smell, and touch?

Each tour is 90 minutes long, total walking distance is less than a mile, covered at a very leisurely pace so that you can enjoy the mysterious atmosphere and haunted locations. We have many different tours to choose from. We conduct our tours with great respect for the, "out of body people". After all they are no different from us - they are free of the physical world. We are positive that our tours will enchant, entertain, inform, and scare you.

We can also provide storytelling at your event. We would love to share our experiences/ history/ etc at your gatherings. Contact us for more information.


The Ghosts of New York cannot be held responsible for any haunting, supernatural event, soul-possession or poltergeist activity endured before, during or after participation on the tour.

Our Ghostly Board of Advisors

Unique to the business, we have a ghostly board of advisors that we are in contact through séances. The following ghosts have agreed to serve on our advisory board so that we may bring you the best in haunting:

Peter Stuyvesant, our oldest ghost whose name we know, in life the last Dutch ruler of the colony of New Netherland and its capital, New Amsterdam;

Edgar Allan Poe, our most popular ghost, recorded simultaneously in at least half a dozen places in NYC alone, the author of "The Raven";

Washington Irving, our literary ghost, the father of both the American and the English ghost story, the author of “The Legend of Sleepy Hallow”;

Henry M. Flagler, our business ghost, the developer of Florida, who is a snowbird from our Palm Beach Ghost Walk;

And Sarah Winchester, our guilt-ridden ghost, widow of the rifle-manufacturer, from our New Haven Ghost Walk.

Why Not Have a Video Memory of Your Walk?

A ghost tour with one of Dr. Phil's ghost experts is a unique and memorable experience. Consider the possibility of taking a video account of the tour so that you can have a magnificent and exciting video of the experience to share with family, friends, and neighbors once you have returned home. Both individual and group rates are available. So whether you are a single tourist, a family, or a large group, let us videotape you on your visit of the ghosts of New York City. Let’s face it, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures.Omar M'sai is our videographer at your service.

Let Us Bring the Ghosts to You

Instead of going in search of ghosts, why not discover the ghosts in your very own home or office. Now, you can have your very own haunted home for the evening. Let us customize haunts for that very special occasion, birthday, anniversary, sweet sixteen, bar and bat mitzva, team building, etc. We can now customize ghost tours right in your home, office, or any place that you want to hold your event!

Amada Anderson an intuitive and tour guide will read tarot cards and do palm/energy readings for your special event or happening. Visit or email Dr. Phil to book her for your next party.

"How much do you really know about the city's spooky side? August may be the dog days, but in the cool of the evening, you can further your understanding of olde Gotham with Ghosts of New York Walking Tours.

The weekly jaunts are filled with tales of skeletons in the Big Apple's closet. …Channel the spirits of Edgar Allan Poe, Peter Stuyvesant, and Harry Houdini...

Discover haunted locales, paranormal occurrences and unexplainable instances straight out of favorite ghost stories. "
Adrianne Pasquarelli
Things that go bump in the street

"If you're too scared to visit New York's most haunted spots solo, Phil Schoenberg, a history professor at Queens College, is the man for the job. His "Ghosts of New York" tours offer three area- and ghost-specific tours of the city."
Daily News
New York City is a ghost town
by Gina Salamone
March 31st 2009

"I can't thank you enough for making the Ghost Tour possible for my daughter and our friends Saturday. Katya was lovely and a fount of information. It was a chilly day but we were all warmed by her enthusiasm and lively presentation. I will pass on the good word as often as I can."
Roma Torre
NY1 News Anchor

"...CUNY professor Dr. Phil Schoenberg offers walking tours of New York's most haunted spots, helping you find the friends of Edgar Alan Poe and the ghosts of Times Square."
"Answers About Haunted New York"
The City Room
The New York Times
October 29, 2007

"I highly recommend Dr. Phil's Ghosts of New York walking tours. I just took the one called "Peter Stuyvesant and His Ghostly Friends of the East Village" and found it fascinating .. excellent research...facts and stories about not just Stuyvesant, but John Jacob Astor, Hamilton Fish, Harry Houdini, Joe Papp, Edgar Allan Poe and other colorful deceased New Yorkers who still unnerve the living by showing up at the various sites along the tour, which involves a moderate amount of by no means tiring walking. The personable guide shared with evident glee her bountiful information about history, literature and, of course, spooks!"
Marvin Kaye
Editor, Ghosts, Haunted America, H. P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror
Author, Ghosts of Night and Morning

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Join the haunted tours and discover for yourself the spooky streets of the Big Apple. Experience something like never before, from ghostly sightings to numerous haunted tales and stories. Here you won't see any kids running around in scary monster costumes like on Halloween, but you might learn a thing or two about how The Big City celebrates Halloween!

Many people claim New York Hotels haunted, guess you'll need to find out for yourself.

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